Coach Crowder

Season: August 31 – October 13

Championship: October 13

DateLocationHost School(s)Participating Schools
8/31Woodward ParkSequoia and Kings CanyonAhwahnee, Baird, Bullard Talent, Computech, Scandinavian, Tehipite
9/14Woodward ParkBullard TalentAhwahnee, Cooper, Computech, Fresno Christian, Gaston, Tehipite, Tioga
9/21TiogaTiogaAhwahnee, Bullard Talent, Computech, Fresno Christian
9/28AhwahneeAhwahnee and Bullard TalentKings Canyon, Tehipite, Yosemite
10/4Woodward ParkTehipiteAhwahnee, Cooper, Gaston, Hamilton, Sequoia, St. Anthony's, Tenaya, Tioga
10/7HooverHooverRegional: Ahwahnee, Tioga
10/12Woodward ParkFUSD, Hamilton and Kings CanyonFUSD Finals: All Schools at 2:00PM
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